Ficus lyrata

Mature Zamia furfuracea

Strelitzia reginae 300mm

Zamioculcas zamiifolia 140mm

Belgium Hybrid Clivia miniata

Calathea rufibarba 400mm



Dioon spinulosum 400mm

Strelitzia nicolai 400mm

Strelitzia Sp. "Mandela's Gold"

Mature Zamia furfuracea

Welcome to Stanmore Horticultural, for sales and information about beautiful plants grown in Queensland, Australia.

This nursery has been growing and supplying Clivias and ornamental plants to Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria since 1993. Stanmore Horticultural is owned by Clivia breeder, collector and nurseryman Nick Powell, marketing plants under the “Zazz-it-up” label.

Our clivias and other plants are available to view and order.

Plant lines available include:

Malawi Magic (Zamioculcas zamiifolia also know as Zanzibar Gem)

Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm)

Rhapis humilis (Slender Lady Palm)

Collectable Chamaedorea palms from the Central Americas

Landscape and rare palms

Cycads of the genus Cycas, Zamia, Macrozamia and Dioon.

Foliage plants e.g. Calathea, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Burgundy Fig and Desert Rose

Strelitzia species including reginae, nicolai, and “Mandela’s Gold”

Clivias of different colours including the new Peach strains

For further information and sales please email: