Similar to yellow forms of Clivia miniata,  Peach Clivia miniata have been bred over many years to reproduce by seed almost true to form.

Again, as with yellow forms, Peach Clivia miniata were an aberration in nature but now thanks to the efforts of those Clivia breeders over some 40 years, we can now offer these to gardeners all over the Eastern seaboard.  As with all other plants, there is still small genetic variation to allow approximately 10% of the seeds produced to revert to other colours.

This form of Clivia is the new sensation for clivia collectors and gardeners alike. Colours vary from Dark, Medium Light and rare collectable green centred types in the various shades.  The green centered form occur in less than 5% of our breeding stock so are true collector plants.

If customers wish to buy a larger number of smaller pre-flowering peach, they may well end up with some very collectable specimens in their gardens!

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