Landscape Clivia miniata plants are one of the home gardener’s most popular Clivia varieties for mass plantings due to their economical price compared to other varieties.  They are also a hardy type that can aclimitise to taking more sun than other forms thus making them suitable to a wider range of garden locations.

As we import up to 100,000 seeds of this type each year, we have large numbers of Landscape Clivia miniata plants available at all times.  From seedlings with one leaf, to the 2-3 leaf 50mm tube size, 100mm, to mature specimens in 180mm pots and larger.

We can negotiate reduced prices if wishing to buy in bulk to plant out large areas and at Nick’s Clivias we always happy to take a call to discuss your planting requirements.  There is a range of bulk prices as we have customers who buy from 3 trays (240 tubes) to 5000 at a time

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