Clivias originated in South Africa and have been exported and grown worldwide over the past 200 years, most notably Australia because of our similar latitude and climate.

They are said to be named after Charlotte Percy (nee Clive), Dutchess of Northumberland who was also Governess to Queen Victoria.

These plants have highly decorative flowers and dark green foliage, and because of ease of maintenance and low water requirement, suit virtually all shaded and well drained garden and indoor locations.

Clivias flower best when Winter temperatures lie between 3 and 10 degrees celsius for 30 days or more.  This cool period initiates bud development and ensures the scapes (flower stems) elongate to carry the umbel (head) of flowers high above the plant.  Warmer temperatures tend to make flowers open low in the plant which causes a less than spectacular display.

Nick’s Clivias grows and breeds a range of quality Clivias for the landscape industry, home gardener and Clivia collector from small plants grown in tubes to fully matured flowering size specimens in 180mm, 200mm and 250mm containers. All plants are sold and shipped bare rooted by Australia Post or Courier.

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