Cycads are Gymnosperms from the order of plants known as Cycadales, and are one of few examples of plants remaining relatively unchanged botanically over the past 150 million years.  Commonly referred to as “Dinosaur Food” because of their prehistoric links to the Jurassic period, these are also mistaken as forms of palms and ferns, being only remotely botanically associated with either.  The main genus of the Cycad taxon are:  Cycas, Stangeria, Bowenia, Dioon, Encephalartos, Macrozamia, Lepidozamia, Ceratozamia, Microcycas, Zamia and Chigua.


These plants are excellent for gardens that have to cope with a wide range of weather conditions although still providing them with a great tropical feel.  Cycads produce a caudex or subterranean trunk crowned by rows of mostly pinnate leaves.  Ranging in size from small, Bowenia serrulata or Byfield Fern to the large multi branched Cycas angulata.

Nick’s Clivias grows varieties of Dioon, Cycas and Macrozamia to make any garden stunning.

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