Belgium Hybrid

Belgium Hybrid Clivia miniata as the name suggests were bred in Europe to exhibit compact form and the early flowering trait.

Belgium Hybrid Clivia miniata plants are produced in their millions for the Northern Hemisphere gardeners.  Most production in the Netherlands and Belgium is in a 125mm pot size which is quite adequate for flowering specimens and which suits its compact growth form.

When mass planted, their stunning orange blooms make for a superb garden.  As with other forms of Clivia, Belgium Hybrids are suited to Australian gardens, particulary in colder areas such as Toowoomba in Queensland and most of Victoria, in fact any area that has a suitable Winter temperature range of 3 to 10 degrees celcius sometime during the season.

The only place Clivias in general struggle to flower well is right by the coast where temperatures are somewhat milder than the inland areas.  This has the effect of allowing the flowers to open lower in the plant thus limiting the full colour show they are capable of.

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