Hybrid Clivia miniata are a Clivia form bred for larger plants and consistently darker orange flowers and can Jazz up those darker areas in your garden.

Like other modern forms of Clivia line bred for certain traits, the various Hybrid Clivia miniata were selected from Mother stock which exhibited larger form, vigorous growth and darker orange flowers.

Typically suited to shaded areas within gardens, patios and indoor locations, these plants with their bold flowers can form a stunning area if massed planted or potted.  And due to their vigorous growth, can produce offsets prolifically to crowd out weeds thus turning an area into one of low maintenance.

As with any other Cliva, they are quite drought tolerant due to the thick fibrous mass of roots that store moisture.  During very hot weather it is also adviisable to not water them due to the susceptability of bacterial rot caused by warm water sitting in the crown of the leaves.  They are quite happy to go without watering for weeks until cooler weather occurs.

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