Chamaedorea Palms of Central America

Chamaedorea Palms of Central America are shade loving palms which thrive in our tropical, sub-tropical and protected temperate regions.  They can survive well in some sunny locations. Some Chamaedoreas even withstand low temperatures given they grow to altitudes of 6000 feet in native habitat.


Most noteworthy are the uses of Chamaedorea Palms of Central America.  Being extremely ornamental, they therefore give gardens and indoor areas a lush tropical ambiance. Growth habit depending on species varies between 1 – 8 meters when mature depending on depth of shade.  Chamaedoreas are also used extensively in commercial landscaping as plants are hardy and self cleaning.

Nick’s Clivias produce most of our own seed for these species. Therefore our mother stock plants have been acclimatised to our temperature range of below freezing to 43 degrees Celsius.  Main species are: seifrizii (Bamboo Palm), atrovirens (Cascade Palm), microspadix (Mexican Bamboo Palm), elegans (Parlor Palm), oblongata (Slipper Palm), tepejilote (Pacaya Palm), klotzschiana (Bow Tie Palm) and metallica (Metallica Palm).

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