Clivia Gallery Photographs


In Clivia Gallery Photographs, we showcase some images of the genus Clivia to give an indication of form, colour and other characteristics.  We also have included seed berries and the seeds contained within those berries.

With flowers that appear from dark red to light orange, peach to varying shades of yellow, some even exhibiting contrasting green centres, there is a colour to excite any collector or gardener.  Clivia Gallery Photograhs will wet your apetite with its range of exquisite plants.

Basically all clivia flowers have the yellow/orange compound carotene in the sub celluar flower space.  If nothing else were to happen this would give us yellow flowers. When Anthocyanins (the red pigment found in, for instance, beetroot) is produce normally in the Clivia plants, yellow is then ‘masked’ by varying overlaid shades of orange depending on levels of Anthocyanin production.

It is accepted there is no true ‘red’ in the clivia world, just very dark orange.  Some gardeners claim to possess “white” Clivia and again a misnomer, there is only very pale yellow due to the presence of carotenes.

As there are some 8000 plants in this collection, it will take time to update the Clivia gallery photographs.  Unfortunately, Spring is the busiest time in the nursery and only time most flowers present themselves for recording!



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